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In Judo, you will learn grappling skills, that included throws, pins, and submissions.  Judo focuses on stand-up and mat work.  Judo has been an olympic sport since 1964.  Our Judo instructors have trained for many years in Kodokan Judo under Sensei Nobuo Hayashi.

Kodokan Judo is based in Tokyo, Japan.  It was founded by Jigoro Kano in 1882, and remains the headquarters of worldwide Judo.

Judo in New Orleans

JUDO in New Orleans

Judo for kids in new orleans
Mike and Amine Judo
3 Judo Teachers
Dimitri Reversal on Evan
Judo Kids Running
Kids Ukemi
Katy Osoto-gari on Dimitri
Katy Kesa-gatame on Dimitri
Katy Teaching Forward Roll
Judo Kids throwing the Sensei
Katy Seionage on Dimitri

Photo:Kate Gegenheimer, Marigny Photography

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