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Martial Arts in New Orleans NOLA

Martial Arts in New Orleans

Martial Arts in New Orleans

Martial Arts is an excellent way to get in shape, feel better, and become a more disciplined person. At New Orleans Shotokan Academy, we offer instruction in three traditional Japanese Martial Arts: AIKIDO, KARATE, and JUDO.


Benefits of Classical Martial Arts


We believe in the practice of classical Japanese martial arts as a way to enhance one's fulfillment in life.  These arts give us a format to practice self-defense, in a civilized and safe way.  Although the training is rigorous, we aim to not injure our training partner during the exercise.  This allows for an environment where anybody can practice: any age, ability, and physical conditioning.


Please read about the different martial arts we offer to see which are right for you.



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Photo:Kate Gegenheimer, Marigny Photography

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