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Broadmoor Dojo: a Martial Arts School in New Orleans, LA

The BROADMOOR DOJO of New Orleans Shotokan Academy focuses on teen and adult classes. Open to the local community, all levels of practice are available, appropriate for both beginner and advanced students. Students at our karate school are taught to be disciplined in their practice, whether they are training to find their center and sense of balance or working towards becoming experts in the martial arts. We provide upper-level education for older youth and adults interested in a rigorous and historically rich approach to training.


Training with the New Orleans Shotokan Academy


Our staff has many years of experience and serves as experts in the field of Shotokan style martial arts. We believe that students in our classes should develop discipline along with karate skills, and we work diligently to provide small classes that foster strong relationships between pupils and instructors.


The dojo is located at the BROADMOOR ARTS AND WELLNESS CENTER, and is parts of the BROADMOOR IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION, which is doing great things for the local community.


New Orleans Shotokan Academy

3900 General Taylor St.

New Orleans, LA 70125

(504) 432-8667


Contact us today to learn more a

bout the New Orleans Shotokan Academy

karate school or to enroll in classes.

The Broadmoor Dojo in New Orleans has martial arts programs in Karate, Judo, Aikido, and Yoga

Photo:Kate Gegenheimer, Marigny Photography

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